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“The Secret of Success” in finding health

I am writing this to share some helpful ideas about how a person can begin the journey to improve their health.

I hope these ideas will encourage you along the way.

Consider the following quote regarding diet from Dr. Joel Fuhrman from his recent book, The End of Heart Disease.

"The success of an individual following any diet is

proportional to the knowledge and expertise in nutritional science that person gains. A nutritional approach is rarely effective if it is just handed out to people without a thorough education regarding its benefits, how to do it, and how to make foods taste good."

Changing lifestyle habits involves a replacement of old familiar beliefs about health with new ones.

To move from being captive to a chronic disease to the discovery of a way out requires

a conversion from one paradigm to another. The transformation

of the mind is an important first step for change to be real and lasting.

Knowing the causes behind illness helps to understand the pathway to cures.

Once an understanding is established, there needs to be practical steps offered and often personal support and coaching for implementation. As in learning any new skill, there is often a learning curve that is made easier with an experienced coach coming along side to show the way. As the new skill becomes mastered, and results are observed and achieved, this reinforces more learning and growing towards the goal. Once success has been experienced and a compelling vision has been caught and established, the new skill becomes a lifestyle habit that is sustainable.

Renovare care is a health and lifestyle model designed to address these elements of helping a person move towards change that is sustainable and health promoting.

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