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                     Meet Dr. Wesley Howard

Dr. Howard has lived in the Charlottesville, Virginia area since 1984.  He has been involved for over three decades in the field of medicine and health care.  He has extensive training in internal medicine as well as emergency medicine, and more recently in the new emerging field of lifestyle medicine. Dr. Howard has a wealth of experience as a physician from teaching medical students, working in a variety of clinical settings, emergency rooms, and also practicing internationally in a hospital in Africa.   

    For the past five years Dr. Howard has focused his attention on the root causes of chronic diseases and effective ways to eliminate them.  This focus grew out of his concern over the health crisis in our country where traditional medicine has proven ineffective. Dr. Howard has success in helping people reverse degenerative illnesses through the application of lifestyle interventions.  His vision is to help people improve and eliminate chronic diseases that traditional medicine fails to cure.  His emphasis moves from disease management to genuine health care which improves health and extends life.    


Dr. Howard is a member of

The American College of Lifestyle Medicine & 

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine




Renewing Life

Restoring Health

Reversing Disease

How Renovaré care may benefit you

      Renovaré care is able to improve your general health, increase your resistance to disease, and lower your risk factors for diseases that run in your family.  


      Renovaré will enable you to make informed and wise choices about when traditional medicine and drug therapy is appropriate and when it should be avoided. 


      Renovaré will help you navigate through the conflictual information relating to health by showing you how to make sense of the scientific literature and disagreements among the experts.


      Renovaré care pays for itself as it helps clients reduce their use of drugs and supplements with fewer visits to doctors and reduced need for medical tests.  

Dr. Howard partners with his wife, Jackie, who coaches  clients in learning new lifestyle skills such as  cooking and shopping for healthy foods.  
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